2020 Lab

Virtual Edition

Lab Topics

Zoom Rehearsal Techniques
with Tim Carroll

Indie Theatre
with Ravi Jain, Mike Payette, Sherry Yoon

Indigenous Theatre
with Jill Carter, 
Lindsay Lachance

with Jordan Tannahill

with Weyni Mengesha

with Naomi Campbell, Denise Bolduc, Cathy Gordon, Rosina Kazi

with Antoni Cimolino

Playwrights Project Presentations
with Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

Digital Tech
with Beth Kates

Lab Participants

Aimee Todoroff
Akia Squitieri
Andrew Tribe
Anne Marie St-Louis
Bronwyn Steinberg
Cassandra Svacha
Christopher Manousos
Jessica Abdallah
Jon Lachlan Stewart
Katey Wattam
Kathryn Smith
Kayla Dunbar
Kelsey Mesa
Kigondu Martin
Kristen van Ginhoven
Larisse Campbell
Laurel Green
Lava Alapai
Logan Schulman
Marc Bondy
Mark McGrinder
Megan Watson
Milton Lim
Miriam Cusson
Nicole Arends
Pedro Chamale
Penelope Parsons-Lord Petersham
Rachael Logue
Roger Ellis
Sadie Epstein-Fine
Torien Cafferata

Stage Manager Extraordinaire: Gloria Mok

DLN is grateful to its supporters

Thank you to the Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council.