Directors Lab North Celebrating 13 Years!

The goal of the LAB is to foster a national and international exchange between a community of emerging, mid-level and established career directors that need a safe space to explore and connect with like-minded peers.

Based on our experience as alumni of the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab in New York City, we created our own version of the Lab in Toronto in 2011. Our programming continues to evolve and we’ve been cultivating our network of professional directors with each year of the lab. The Lab creates an environment for International connections to take place, expanding our small theatrical world into a global community.

Over the past 13 years, we’ve hosted over 300 directors from around the world!

“There is absolutely nothing else like this in our country, and yet it is so vital to the development of our craft. An essential, unparalleled delight. Any investment in DLN is not only ensuring future artistry, it is connecting concerned, proactive citizens passionate about serving their local, national and international community.”Julie McIsaac, Vancouver
2016 Labbie